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Here's the scoop..

I never intended on starting my own business, but sometimes God has other plans for us – and for that, I am thankful! After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelors degree in Journalism + Strategic Communications, I dove head-first into the work force with the world at my fingertips over a decade ago. 


I've worked in many capacities in the marketing and communications industry over the course of the last decade, mostly for organizations (everything from grassroots start-ups to Fortune 500 companies!) While I am so thankful for everything I've learned along the way, I had the opportunity to take a leap of faith as a full-time employee of my very own business, so why wouldn't I?


My goal is to provide quality work that moves the needle. You don't need to hire someone who is just checking the boxes, and I pride myself in coming alongside you as a collaborative partner in all your outreach and communications efforts.

Whether you need someone to take complete ownership of all your communications efforts or just a little extra support, I am here to support you so that your business can become the best it can be!

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